Saturday, 7 January 2012

Denali Logistics and Training

This is getting there, slowly but surely, whilst all the flights and transfers are pretty much taken care of, against appropriate dates.  We are now turning our focus to the group gear, the transfer of this and how to haul, pulks (sleds) are the choice, but we need to work out schedules weights and so forth.  Things aren't going to all run to plan, but at least a good plan can be altered more easily.

We are also getting in training mode, everyone is trying there best to walk, climb and strike and break camp with other members of the group, whilst also undertaking their own fitness regimes (get fit everyone, then eat loads in the last two weeks).

We will also be working on skiing, technical climbing for if things look good for the Upper West Rib and the Cassin.  Refreshing all facets of navigation and will be working on rescue and I believe Franca is going check our medic skills.

With not much time left, we need to get on with things so we don't have to condense things too much.

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