Friday, 13 January 2012

Ice fest is looming

So in a weeks time I will be packing to head off to the Ecrins with Scott, Nick, Dan, Tommy and Paul; hopefully the ice will be fat and we can all get a load of good route in, whatever happens I'm sure It'll be better than the lectures I'm meant to be in that week.

Training for this (well as close to training as I do) has been interesting involving two dingy quarries, White Goods and Never Never Land in Dinorwig, both are very different but both have got me super pumped which can only be a good thing!

Ramon Marin on White Goods at White Goods
Tom Livingstone on The Deerhunter in Never Never Land
Between now and then I'm off to the Peak for a few days and will hopefully be getting down to the chalk with Tommy the day before we leave for a bit of last minute training!.

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